Debugging and Diagnostics of Durable Functions | On .NET

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Durable Functions is an extension that lets you create stateful workflows with code using Azure Functions.

We've spoken about getting started with Durable Functions before in a previous episode, but there was still much more to discuss. So we invited Chris Gillum (@cgillum) back on the show, and this time he will be talking about debugging and diagnosing your stateful code in Durable Functions.

  • [01:41] - Where to find documentation?
  • [02:12] -  Quick recap on creating a durable function
  • [04:14] - Logging with replays
  • [08:33] - Checking the status of a running function
  • [11:14] - Querying the history of a function


Take a look at the follow links to learn more about diagnosing your Durable Functions code.

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