Try out our latest Microsoft Launcher 5.5.0 beta version!

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Hi there, beta users! 

The new version of Microsoft Launcher v5.5.0 is now fully available for your testing starting from today! We added some long time request like Adaptive Icon, and also we are making some  adjustments to current implementation like the Dock, Notification badges and task card per user feedback. and you will see detailed information on these feature additions in the what's new section below. You can now try this by installing from the Google Play Beta store. 

Check out what's new in v5.5:

  •  Adaptive Icons- Have the same look for your app icons with multiple shape choices.
  •  Hidden Dock- The hidden dock is back. You can set the dock to be hidden and still access your apps and widgets.
  •  Tasks card syncing is now faster for MSA and work/school accounts.
  •  Experience adjustments for accessing shortcuts when the home screen is locked.
  •  Get notification badges for calling and messaging apps without setting Microsoft Launcher as your default assistant. For more accurate badges, set Launcher as your default assistant.
we also including several bug fixing and performance improvements in this build, feel free to try out and give us feedback through Google Play comments, UserVoice or email
To become a Microsoft Launcher Beta tester:
•  Go to
•  Click "Become a tester". You'll see a confirmation "You are now a tester." 
Moving forward, you'll always get the latest Beta build when it's available, as long as Microsoft Launcher is running.
The beta build may need a couple of hours or a day to propagate before you will see it in your Google Play download link, depending on Google Play roll out progress, and please keep the feedback coming! As always, we thank you for your support.
Gorden on behalf of Microsoft Launcher Team

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