The Diversity Superpower button wall is now DIGITAL!

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Remember that brightly-colored, cheery rainbow Diversity Superpower wall that you saw all over social media? You - yes, all of you Diversity and Tech community folks!- loved the #DiversitySuperpower button wall at Microsoft Ignite and our Microsoft Ignite tours around the world so much that we've made it completely digital - that iconic wall shall henceforth live on forevermore!


Now, you'll get to take the Diversity Superpower button wall anywhere around the world on your phone via our new Instagram AR filter! No more having folks feeling left out because the Diversity Superpower wall didn't make it to their country or region - now everyone around the world can proudly share their chosen #DiversitySuperpower with the iconic backdrop. 


Try it out yourself! Simply click here to launch the camera effect, or scan the QR code below :)


Diversity Superpower camera effect.jpgScan this QR code to launch the Diversity Superpower social media filter!

Have fun, and be proud of the unique #DiversitySuperpower YOU have!




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