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microphone.jpg  In the last several weeks I have been asked by several customers how they can deliver audio podcasting. In their organizations there are a number of individuals, including executives, who wish to record and disseminate audio recordings with their thoughts on the business, technology, and more. Certainly, with Microsoft Stream they have a GREAT vehicle for the dissemination of audio through the video medium (simply put in a single slide/picture as a placeholder). In these cases however the customer wanted to specifically disseminate .mp3 files. The good news is it is easily accomplished with Microsoft SharePoint Online that allows for it’s consumption via a number of clients ranging from the browser, podcast software, Outlook, and even Microsoft Teams (my favorite!).

In the HLS Show Me How video I walk the viewer through the steps of setting up a SharePoint Podcast Library, configuring the information displayed, enabling the Library RSS, and then how to consume through different methods like….. Microsoft Teams!


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