Announcing rollout of MyAnalytics Digest email to Microsoft 365

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Earlier this year, we announced a plan to make MyAnalytics broadly available to Microsoft 365 enterprise and business customers. Since then, we have rolled out Insights add in in Outlook and MyAnalytics dashboard. Today we're excited to share that in the next couple of weeks we’ll start to roll out the MyAnalytics weekly digest email to E3, E1 and Business SKUs and based on customer feedback, we’ll continue to expand to 100% worldwide over the next few months.   


MyAnalytics in Microsoft 365 helps you to work smarter with personal productivity insights in Microsoft 365 by allowing you to explore your work patterns with MyAnalytics and learn ways to work smarter— improving your focus, wellbeing, network, and collaboration. 


NOTE as with previous milestones, end users as well as tenant admins continue to have the ability to opt out of any component of MyAnalytics. Targeted Release refers to users or organizations who have been opted in by their admins as early recipients of new Microsoft 365 features.


As a MyAnalytics user you will see the following email(s) when MyAnalytics is available in your Microsoft 365 service.



Each email is linked to the MyAnalytics dashboard to help you get more in depth information about your work patterns:




And as a reminder, you also have Insights available in the Outlook add in:




To learn more about MyAnalytics visit the resources below.


What is MyAnalytics and how to use it  

Read our Privacy FAQ

Guide for IT Admins

Learn about Targeted Release program

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