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    The other day I had a conversation with a Healthcare customer around their use of Microsoft Teams among nursing staff. There was concern around the use of documents, in this case Microsoft Excel docs, where they wanted members of a Microsoft Team to be able to view but not edit. The ability to edit they wanted to restrict to just a few members. While this is not the default behavior for collaboration around documents in Microsoft Teams it is easily accomplished using the underlying power of SharePoint Online.

In the HLS Show Me How video I show two separate methods of providing restricted access to documents within Microsoft Teams. In the first example (which is technically possible, but I do NOT recommend) I show how to break inheritance and apply custom permissions in place on documents within the default storage for a Channel’s documents. In the second example (which I DO recommend) I show setting up a distinct library instance and then either rendering a view to it within the default Channel Files view or as a new Tab.

After the video check out the resource links below to learn more about SharePoint Online permissions.


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