Configuring an Integrated User Training and Support Solution for Microsoft 365 and Beyond

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Supporting and training end users on Microsoft 365 services and software is a priority for organizations rolling out Office 365, Windows 10, and more. But how to go about the getting content, setting up a mechanism for delivery, and supporting users in an ongoing basis presents a challenge for many organizations. Thankfully with Microsoft 365 orgs have everything they need to deliver a robust, extensible, solution for training and supporting users in an ongoing fashion.

In this two-part webcast series, I walk through, step by step, standing up foundational services and then integrating them in to an integrated, extensible, training and support solution for corporate end users. I addition to the two video recordings I have also uploaded the slide decks for each session as well as a Step by Step document detailing each step in building out, and integrating, the services in to a seamless experience for end users.

Slides and Documentation (On LinkedIn Point Drive):

Sessions 1 and 2 Agendas:

Session 1

  • Introductions/Kickoff/Webcast Housekeeping
  • The Challenge – Supporting/educating end users while familiarizing IT with possibilities for integrated, no code, solution creation using Microsoft 365 services and solutions.
  • The Solution – Overview of the end to end solution to be created for users and content owners/creators alike.
  • Introduction to, and provision, the (beta preview) Learning Pathways site as baseline for the end to end adoption solution.
  • Create Microsoft Stream Group and corresponding Group secured Channel as well as an open Channel. Review use of two channel concept for review and release to users workflow.
  • Create a Yammer discussion group.
  • Create a Microsoft Team based off of Stream Group
  • Quick review of video content creation using PowerPoint Recording and Windows 10 Video Editor.
  • Wrap Up – Review actions taken and set up Session 2 where the solutions will be integrated together. Recommend populating Stream Channels with some sample content.

Session 2

  • Quick review of challenges/solution and actions taken the previous day.
  • Cover customizing and extending the Learning Pathways solution (beta preview).
  • Add an Event for a brown bag session
  • Integrate the open Stream Channel into the Learning Pathway (beta preview).
  • Set up a Live Events webcast event and integrate into the Learning Pathway (beta preview).
  • Integrate Yammer discussion group in to the Learning Pathway site.
  • Build out the Microsoft Team to accommodate content creation team and content production/review/publishing.
  • Open Q&A
  • Wrap Up/Next Steps – Review all of what has been done, resources available to assist, and next steps.

Video: Driving Adoption with Microsoft 365 Integrated Services – Session 1


Driving Adoption with Microsoft 365 Integrated Services – Session 2



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