Creating a Workflow Activity Library and Activity Part 4

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First published on MSDN on May 17, 2016
This post is in continuation of the Post Creating a Workflow Activity Library and Activity Part 3 This post will focus on Defining the activity sequence
Next, you define a sequence of activities that define your activity by using activities from the Toolbox . You use the FIM CurrentRequestActivity activity and the Code activity that is defined by Windows Workflow Foundation (WF). You also bind the CurrentRequest property that you added in the code to a property of the ReadCurrentRequestActivity that you will create.

To define the activity sequence

  1. Click the RequestLoggingActivity.cs [Design] tab on the workspace to open the workflow designer sheet of the RequestLoggingActivity custtom activity. If the tab does not exist, double-click RequestLoggingActivity.cs in Solution Explorer .

  2. Drag the activity CurrentRequestActivity from the FIM Activities tab of the Toolbox into the workflow designer sheet.

  3. Drag and drop a Code activity from the Toolbox into the workflow designer sheet right below the previous activity. This activity is located under the Windows Workflow v3.0 tab in the toolbox.The design view of the RequestLoggingActivity should look like the following illustration.

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