“Jeff Teper live from Orlando” – a bonus Microsoft Ignite 2019 episode of The Intrazone

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Live from Microsoft Ignite 2019 (#MSIgnite) in Orlando, FL - Chris and I grabbed time with Jeff Teper, CVP SharePoint, OneDrive and Office engineering. Jeff shares his thoughts about the keynote and more.


We asked about new innovations across Project Cortex, Mover & other migration news, 100M monthly active users (MAU) & 100 GB file uploads, the Fluid Framework, Multi-lingual, SharePoint home sites, the updated SharePoint Look Book (lookbook.microsoft.com), and more. Plus, we asked Jeff what his favorite SharePoint feature is: ___________. Finally, we asked his thoughts about ensuring accessibility went into every part of what his team ships.


OK, I know, fewer words, more Jeff! On to the show…


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clipboard_image_0.jpegOneDrive shoes, Jeff Teper (in SharePoint-teal shirt) and a stage meant for big announcements: SharePoint, OneDrive, Office, #ProjectCortex, #FluidFramework, Stream and more.

clipboard_image_1.jpegLeft to right, top to bottom: Jeff Teper (CVP/SharePoint, OneDrive, Office – Microsoft) [guest], Chris McNulty – senior product manager (SharePoint/Microsoft) [co-host], and Mark Kashman – senior product manager (SharePoint/Microsoft) [co-host].


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