Microsoft Ignite 2019: Upcoming features for richer, more actionable insights

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Author:  Kamal Janardhan, Partner Director of PM, Workplace Intelligence


Productivity isn’t just about being more efficient. It’s also about applying the collective knowledge of your organization so that together you can succeed and achieve more. Knowledge about how people connect, share information, and spend their time reveals the impact of the way people work on the business outcomes your organization cares about.


This week at Ignite, we will introduce new capabilities in Workplace Analytics and MyAnalytics that make these insights richer and more actionable for organizations and employees.


Workplace Analytics

Upcoming features focus on empowering leaders and managers with self-service experiences and giving analysts AI-driven tools for understanding time invested in specific business processes and activities. These new features will be available in preview in December.    


  • Productivity and organizational insights. These at-a-glance insights bring self-service guidance to business and IT decision makers on how to help identify patterns that lead to success, and then drive change to improve outcomes. Business leaders can now see key productivity indicators for their organization in the context of industry benchmarks. These indicators include meeting culture, focus time, and employees’ ability to unplug outside of working hours. With just a few clicks, they can launch change programs to act on these insights.



  • Topic analysis. AI-driven business-process analysis gives analysts insight into the time and resources invested in specific activities, revealing opportunities to optimize. After an analyst inputs a keyword or phrase such as “quarterly business review” or QBR, Workplace Analytics uses AI to identify other relevant keywords to help uncover the full scope of related activity. It then calculates the time and resources that have been invested in the process or topic.    




  • Manager deployed plans enable managers to enroll their teams in plans to preserve or increase focus time, improve meeting quality, and enhance work-life balance and wellbeing. This capability will reduce the reliance of group managers on IT and on analysts. It does this by empowering smaller teams to independently deploy and manage change programs to help them work smarter and more effectively--such as in this focus plan:




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MyAnalytics – be your best self at work 

We’re also making it easier for you to do your best work, improve work best practices, and plan time away from work.


  • Helping managers be more effective. Our research shows that habits like scheduling regular 1:1 time, limiting late-night emails, and giving regular feedback set top managers apart. New leadership insights in MyAnalytics are designed to help managers build these habits and keep their teams engaged. For example, MyAnalytics will now show insights such as the frequency of 1:1 meetings or after-hours communication with direct reports. New AI-powered suggestions in Outlook surface emails or action items you may have missed from the people you manage.




Managers can improve their skills by selecting the Leadership insights card in the Insights panel. MyAnalytics then shows them insights such as the frequency of 1:1s and the amount of after-hours communication they have with direct reports. 



These capabilities will be available in preview for Microsoft 365 commercial customers with MyAnalytics and Workplace Analytics by early 2020. 


  • Recharging during time away. Microsoft 365 also helps you focus and plan for downtime. MyAnalytics helps you set your out-of-office notification, inform your top collaborators of your time away, resolve meetings you’ll miss, and schedule catch-up time with colleagues when you’re back. Youll be less likely to feel the need to work while you’re away, your collaborators will be less likely to reach out to you, and youll have enough time to wrap things up before you leave and ramp back up when you return. Available in early 2020 to Microsoft 365 commercial customers.


  • Reflecting and improving on meeting habits. Because great meeting habits make teamwork better, MyAnalytics will now also show your progress toward sticking to best practices such as booking meetings promptly, adding an agenda, or following up with attendees.




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