Looking for topics for casual conversations this weekend? ThisWeekInIoT got you covered

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This week the Microsoft news were all about the MSIgnite event and the many announcements made at the event. From Azure Arc to Project Silica, from multi-cloud hybrid services deployment and management to science-fiction grade storage technology, pretty much every tech topic was covered. IoT was at the party, because as everyone knows, no one leaves IoT in the corner (you see what I just did here?).

Here is your weekly digest for Microsoft IoT news and latest projects so you can keep up and impress your friends and family while engaging in casual conversations, because we have to admit that we'd all rather talk about IoT than the weather, right? I have a perfect transition for you when you will chat with your neighbor Saturday morning:

"Hey great weather this morning Bob, right? Talking about weather, did you hear that Microsoft is partnering with AccuWeather to bring weather data to Azure Maps?"

Or you can go:

"Man, you remember when you asked me to upgrade your PC's graphical card so you could play Halo? Well now they put these NVIDA GPUs on tiny sub-$100 devices running Azure IoT Edge and hooked up to a webcam to do real-time objects recognition. Ain't that cool?"

Another conversation could go:

"Honey, I really think we should get ourselves some of these FarmBeats sensors and put them in the backyard to optimize our vegetables harvest next summer."

"We don't own a farm honey."

"... still"


Here is your weekly digest.


At Microsoft Ignite, NVIDIA AI Technology Delivers Intelligence to the Edge

ANSYS to Extend Microsoft Azure Digital Twins with Physics-Based Simulations

Computer vision at the Edge with NVIDIA DeepStream and Azure IoT Edge

With FarmBeats, Microsoft makes a play for the agriculture market

Announcing Visual Studio Online Public Preview

Microsoft wants anyone to be a developer, whether they code or notIoT

Avnet Delivers Secure IoT Device Connectivity with New Wireless Edge Module

Microsoft and Nokia collaborate to accelerate digital transformation and Industry 4.0 for communications service providers and enterprises

MediaTek collaborates with Microsoft to accelerate the development of Internet of Things solutions

Microsoft: Here's why we just stored the whole Superman movie inside a bit of glass

The making of the HoloLens 2: How advanced AI built Microsoft’s vision for ubiquitous computing



List of all IoT related sessions at Ignite available on demand:


If you only have time to watch 3 of these sessions, don't miss the following:

Driving growth and transformation with Microsoft IoT 

IoT for enterprise developers and IT professionals

In pursuit of the perfect pour: How Starbucks tackled IoT at scale



On the IoTShow:



Build a Kubernetes Intelligent Edge Cluster on Raspberry Pi

Device Simulator Express, a Microsoft Garage project
NVIDIA's Jetson Nano Takes Pole Position at the DIY Robocars Race

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