November 2019 unified Azure SDK GA

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Welcome back to the monthly release of the unified Azure libraries. On November 4th, we published the GA releases for

  • Storabe Blobs
  • Storage Queues
  • KeyVault Keys
  • KeyVault Secrets

These are ready for consumption. They contain API shape improvements, performance improvements, support for new service features, and in many cases, there are now synchronous and asynchronous APIs you can use, depending on your needs.


In addition to those libraries, we have been hard at work adding the next set of libraries. We now have previews for the following services:

  • KeyVault Certificates
  • Storage FileShares
  • EventHubs
  • CosmosDB
  • AppConfiguration


Getting Started

Use the tables in the link below to get started in the language of your choice. You will notice that all of the preview libraries are tagged as “preview”.

For those of you who want to dive deep into the content, the release notes linked above and the changelogs they point to, give more details on what has changed.



APIs Locking Down

The surface area for Storage FileShares , EventHubs, AppConfiguration, and KeyVault Certificates are nearly API-complete based on the feedback you’ve given us so far. Thanks again to everyone who has sent feedback and if anyone has been waiting to try things out and give feedback now is the time.


Faster Blob Storage Operations 

There are quite a few common operations developers use such as downloading blobs. As part of updating this release we’re happy to announce that the GA Storage Blob SDKs for Java and .Net have had significant performance improvements. With this improvement, some common scenarios like downloading a VM or other larger file will occur even more quickly.


Here is an example of one of the runs conducted in the Azure SDK Test lab.


Previous Library

(V11.1 .net / V8.4 Java)

Current Library



Download 1GB Blobs .NET lib

0.55 GBps

1.25 GBps


Download 1GB Blobs Java lib

0.31 GBps

0.56 GBps


Note: These tests were done using the asynchronous versions of the libraries.


In future releases, we’ll continue to investigate performance improvements.


Working wit us and giving Feedback

So far, the community has filed hundreds of issues against these new SDKs with feedback ranging from documentation issues to API surface area change requests to pointing out failure cases. Please keep that coming. We work in the open on GitHub and you can submit issues here:

Finally, make sure to follow us on twitter: @azuresdk where you can find the latest news and announcements and interact directly to the Azure SDKs team

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