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App Assure scope now covers the new Microsoft Edge and Windows Virtual Desktop!

Microsoft takes app compatibility very seriously—and App Assure (formerly called Desktop App Assure) delivers. Consider this: The actual failure rate for apps is only 0.19 percent. So, out of 1,000 apps, only two may have compatibility challenges, and the App Assure team will fix both of them!


Since this service launched, almost 500,000 apps have been evaluated and only 928 apps have had issues. Fixing these application issues has prevented more than 30 million help desk escalations with an estimated customer help desk savings of almost US$6 billion.


The App Assure service from FastTrack was renamed to reflect our expanded scope. Initially, we helped you remediate application compatibility issues as you moved to Windows 10 and Office 365 ProPlus. Now, App Assure provides remediation assistance for apps deployed on the following Microsoft products:


The new Microsoft Edge

If your web apps or sites work on Internet Explorer 11, supported versions of Google Chrome, or any version of Microsoft Edge, they’ll also work on the new Microsoft Edge.


Windows Virtual Desktop

As part of Windows Virtual Desktop:

  • Virtualized apps that run on Windows Server Remote Desktop Session Host (RDSH) also run on Windows 10 Enterprise multi-session.
  • Apps running on any Windows 7 or Windows 10 virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environment also run on Windows 7 Enterprise and Windows 10 Enterprise.
  • Apps running on Windows 7 or Windows 10 client devices also run on Windows 7 Enterprise and Windows 10 Enterprise.


And we will continue to support Windows 10 and Office 365 ProPlus

Apps that worked on Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Office 2010, and Office 2013 will also work on Windows 10 and Office 365 ProPlus.


To ensure compatibility for the above products, App Assure is included in your eligible subscription at no additional cost to you and is available globally, in 10 supported languages. If you want more information:


Microsoft Ignite | The Tour

It’s been two months since Ignite, but you can still participate in the learning by joining us at a Microsoft Ignite | The Tour event near you. We have experts at each event ready to discuss how to engage with our team. You’ll also learn about the latest cloud technologies and developer tools, and how to put your skills to work in new areas. Find out more or register by clicking the link for the city you’re interested in from the following list:




January 23-24, 2020

Osaka – Registration is open

January 27-28, 2020

Milan – Registration is open

January 30-31, 2020

Johannesburg – Registration is open

February 6-7, 2020

Washington, DC – Registration is open

February 10-11, 2020

Dubai – Registration is open

February 13-14, 2020

Sydney – Registration is open

February 17-18, 2020

Taipei – Registration is open

February 20-21, 2020

Singapore - Registration is open

February 24-25, 2020

Prague - Registration is open

February 27-28, 2020

Copenhagen - Registration is open

March 4-5, 2020

Zurich - Registration is open

March 11-12, 2020

Amsterdam - Registration is open

March 18-19, 2020

Shanghai - Registration is open

March 25-26, 2020

Hong Kong - Registration is open

March 25-26, 2020

Madrid - Registration is open

March 30-31, 2020

Mexico City - Registration is open

April 2-3, 2020

Mumbai - Registration is open

April 8-9, 2020

Bangalore - Registration is open

April 15-16, 2020

Chicago - Get notified when registration is open

April 22-23, 2020

Tel Aviv - Get notified when registration is open

April 29-30, 2020

Berlin - Get notified when registration is open

May 5-6, 2020

Stockholm - Get notified when registration is open



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