Microsoft Community Wiki Banners & Logo for 2020 – Contest result!

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Good morning, good evening, and good day to all our Wiki Readers, Wiki Ninjas Authors, Wiki Ninjas Judges, and Wiki guests around the world.


Did we succeed to keep you in suspense?!? We had the result few days ago, but we decided to publish on the date we said we will… So here we are on January 31, 2020 with the final results of the TechNet Wiki Banners & Logo contest 🥳


Oh… But not so fast... let’s first go over some background, history, and most important the Thanks!


So, what is the TechNet Wiki Banners & Logo project?


The TechNet Wiki is an online community which operates in several different channels, such as articles at Microsoft TechNet Wiki, Blog, Facebook, and more. As an Online community we use images (banners and logo) to promote our activities. For example, authors can use the images for their TNWiki articles, Council members and groups leaders can use the images in announcements, we use the banners for our official Facebook groups, and bloggers can use the images in their posts. The goal of the project is to provide new images for the use of the community’s members in their posts.


The contest is just a fun way to make it more interesting and to help us choose the best images as the official banners.


Full history



The voting procedure


The voting this year was a bit different. First, it was 100% done by the community (with an automatic promotion algorithm according to few parameters). Second, instead of only ranking the banners in the order you liked them, we asked to give points (from 1 to 10) for each image separately.

This procedure required from the voters more work, since you had to go over all the images and select your score. The advantage is that people could give the same score for multiple images.

Next Once we closed the voting, we started the analysis and summarize procedure.


The voting is over, the votes were counted, the calculations were made, and the winners were determined!


We present only the images which got the final highest amount of points in each category, but you can download and watch all the final banners and Logo in this link.


Top 11 banners for 2020


1. Etzion Goel Illustrator

2. Ousama EL HOR
02 ousama_elhor_01.jpg

3. Kamlesh Kumar
03 Kamlesh 9-1.jpg

4. Mohamed El-Qassas
04 Mohamed elQassas 7.jpg

5. Davut Eren
05 Davut_Eren.jpg

6. Neeraj Bali
06 NeerajBali_banner_01.jpg

7. Ronen Ariely
07 Ronen TNWiki Banners 2020 v01.png

8. Jayendran Arumugam
08 Jayendran_1.jpg

9. Utkarsh K
09 Utkarsh_01.png

10. Vikram Singh
10 VikramSingh_01.jpg

11. Mohamed El-Qassas
11 Mohamed elQassas1.jpg



Top 11 Logo’s images for 2020


1. Neeraj Bali

2. George Kosmidis
02 GeorgeKosmidis_logo_black_bigger.png

3. Syed Shanu

4. Davut Eren

5. George Kosmidis
05 GeorgeKosmidis_logo_white_bigger.png

6. Arul Mouzhi
Arulmouzhi_Gold Logo_Small_02.jpgArulmouzhi_Silver Logo_Small_02.jpgArulmouzhi_Bronze Logo_Small_02.jpg

7. Kamlesh Kumar
07 Kamlesh Kumar1-1.jpg

8. Syed Shanu
08 Shanu_LogoBronze.jpg

9. Roshan Jayendran
09 Roshan Jayendran_Logo_01.png

10. Mustaeen Rahaman
11 Mustaeen Rahaman_Logo_1_v02.jpg

11. Gaurav Arora
11 Gaurav_Arora_Logo_01.png



New! Top Banners created by Ninjas under the age of 15


This is the first time we got contributions from members under the age of 15! This is a huge start and maybe next year we can have a separate contest for the young community’s members and the children of the community’s members. It will be awesome!


I want to thank Roshan Jayendran and Mustaeen Rahaman on their awesome work and I hope we will see you guys join us in other activities and in the next year banners contest. Well done!


1. Mustaeen Rahaman
Mustaeen Rahaman_02.jpg

2.Roshan Jayendran



We want to use this opportunity to thank all the members who took part in the project and posted their work. Thank you! Arul Mouzhi, Ronen Ariely, James van den Berg, Hamid Sadeghpour Saleh, Mohamed El-Qassas, Kamlesh Kumar, George Chrysovaladis Grammatikos, George Kosmidis, Jayendran Arumugam, Roshan Jayendran, Utkarsh K, Davut Eren, Mustaeen Rahaman, Ousama EL HOR, Neeraj Bali, Gaurav Arora, Nanddeep Nachan, Vikram Singh, Syed Shanu, , and our Gold medal winner Etzion Goel Illustrator.


Thanks to all the members who participate in the discussions in the Facebook group. You feedback gave the tools to choose the final 100 images for the contest and gave the creators the help to improve their work.


I want to thank the team behind the scene who help manage and execute the project: Kamlesh Kumar, Gaurav Arora, and myself (Ronen Ariely).


Please join me to thanks everyone who contributed their work, the project team, and join me to congratulate the winners!




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