Upcoming changes and improvements to All Company feed

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The All Company feed is a great place in Yammer to conduct organization-wide discussions with all of your employees and one of the first locations users land in, leading many customers sharing feedback on how it can be improvedComing soon, we’ll be introducing a number of changes and enhancements to the All Company to make it more valuable, reduce clutter and noise, and drive effective communication and engagement. 


Customize the All Company 


As announced in November, new All Company capabilities like cover photos and read-only conversations will mean you can use this prominent community to land key messaging, welcome new members, promote organizational initiatives, or even just reinforce company values. Today, we’re also announcing that you’ll be able to customize the “All Company” community name. Together with custom avatars, this means you’ll soon be able to bring your organization’s branding and culture into your All Company feed in the current Yammer experience and in the upcoming new Yammer interface coming later this year.  



All Company Blog Improvements.png



For more info and helpful resources to help prepare for the new Yammer, keep an eye on the blog or visit Yammer Adoption Resource Center and catch the recording of our  “Meet the New Yammer” webinar.  



Delivering on User Feedback 


Throughout Yammer’s history, customer feedback and ideas have continued to be a key factor in determining and prioritizing the Yammer roadmap. We are making some changes based on these suggestions that you’ll soon see reflected in your network, including removing some features from the product, such as automated messages. 


Trimming Down Automated Messages 


You’ve asked us to reduce some of the noise associated with the All Company feed, with some of the top User Voice requests relating to #joined messages and the automated messages sent when a new group is created.  In addition, you will also not receive #joined messages in your network.  

We started these messages to keep community managers and admins informed, however as Yammer has scaled to meet the needs of enterprises, these features have become unwieldy for some customers.   


Yammer Your Way 


Native Mode, announced in January, will provide more control over who can create communities in Yammer and allow for admins to administer Yammer through the Office 365 Admin Center. 


Do you have feedback? Or have you thought of a great idea or use or improvement to Yammer? Add to our Yammer User Voice. We truly do listen and take your suggestions into consideration as we shape the future of Yammer. As we continue to build the new Yammer, your feedback is important!  


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