New ways to show your brand in Azure AD B2C

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I’m excited to announce two new public preview features that make Azure AD B2C even more customizable! First, you now have the ability to brand your authentication experience by simply uploading your logo and background! Second, you can now use any email provider to send branded verification emails using custom policies. 


Branded authentication templates

Previously, the out of the box experience looked like this:


Previous standard experience.Previous standard experience.


Now, you can upload just your logo and background to restyle our templates for a customized authentication experience—which is just like how you customize Azure AD. You can even reference these assets from your custom templates to reuse them in different templates. Learn more about setting up branded templates.


New customized experience using branded templates.New customized experience using branded templates.

External email provider support

Using custom policies, you can now use any email provider to send customized emails for email verification. This means that when your users sign up or reset a password, the email they receive can be completely the customized using the email provider. There are also additional options for configuring the code for verification. You can change the length, character set, and lifetime and number of attempts. To learn more, read Custom email verification in Azure Active Directory B2C.


We always love to hear your feedback and suggestions and look forward to hearing from you! Let us know what you think in the comments below or email the team at


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Microsoft Identity Division


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