Hello Moon – A Small Basic Tutorial

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Today we're going to do a very simple Small Basic tutorial.


Boot up Small Basic, and let's get started!


Type this in:


GraphicsWindow.TItle = "Hello Moon: The Program"

GraphicsWindow.Width = 320

GraphicsWindow.Height = 240

GraphicsWIndow.DrawImage("C:\Small Basic\backgroundbmp", 0, 0)


GraphicsWindow.BrushColor = "White"

GraphicsWindow.FontSize = 50

GraphicsWindow.DrawText(10, 120, "Hello Moon!")




Great. Except it will throw an error, because you don't have the image! Here's what you do...


1. Download this image (right-click and Save it):


2. Be sure to save it where you want it!

3. Then update the code to set the path in line 5 to the correct location of the background.bmp file on your computer!

4. Run it again!


That's it! Hello Moon! Wasn't that easy? Now, everyone can code!


Have a Small and Basic day!


Ninja Ed

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