New Profile Card Customization through Microsoft Graph Beta

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People are the heart and soul of your company, but finding the right people at the right time isn’t always easy.  Sometimes you’re looking for more than just a name and face, maybe it’s a skill, location, or something else.


In Office 365 when you select someone’s name or picture in Outlook or other Office apps and services, you can find information related to them on their profile card. To see a profile card in Outlook mobile, tap a person's picture or name. To see the profile card in other apps, hover or click the person's photo or name. To see your own profile card, select your own profile picture or name.


The profile card is also sometimes referred to as a contact card or people card. Here's an example of the card in Outlook on the web:


Outlook Web.png



However, profile cards are limited in the amount of information they display.  Perhaps you want to include custom properties related to your company or a person’s role to help people find the right person or expertise.


Today we’re pleased to announce we’ll be adding the ability to add custom information to a person’s profile card through the Microsoft Graph Beta.  This allows an administrator to customize people’s profile cards by adding properties according to your business needs.


The new Beta experience will provide a simple way to supplement a person’s profile card via the Microsoft Graph.


For example, as illustrated below, you may want to add a custom property to the profile card, such as a person’s Cost Center or Employee Id.


Figure 1.png


Figure 1 Profile view where more contact info is displayed


In this example, you can see the standard profile card before it has been expanded.


Using new this new customization option, you’ll be able to easily display important information such as a person’s Cost Center or Employee Id as illustrated below in the expanded profile view.


Figure 2.png


Figure 2 Profile with all contact info displayed in addition to custom attributes


Wrapping Up

This new Beta experience will become available in Spring 2020 – keep an eye out for availability by bookmarking this article or by following @OfficeDev and @MicrosoftSearch on Twitter.


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