Azure IoT Edge on Kubernetes Preview Refresh available now!

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IoT Edgers,


I have an exciting update for you all, the preview refresh of IoT Edge on Kubernetes is available today! Forbes named this technology one of the 10 most interesting announcements at Microsoft Build last year. Since then we've added several enhancements informed by real-world feedback from customers like you.


For those of you new to this support, a good way to think about it is, in addition to Linux and Windows, IoT Edge applications can now run in a new operating environment - Kubernetes. It provides improved resiliency to IoT Edge applications leveraging Kubernetes features like automatic failover. By allowing you to share a cluster among multiple IoT Edge deployments, it also enables better resource utilization. 


Some of the new features in this refresh include:


  • Kubernetes integrated, production-grade security architecture
  • New, built-in lightweight proxy that lets you deploy IoT Edge modules on Kubernetes with no code changes
  • Integration of loT Edge features like automatic provisioning using IoT Hub Device Provisioning Service 
  • Application model extensions that allow usage of select Kubernetes primitives in an edge deployment manifest
  • New preview docs mini-site with architectural details and numerous tutorials


Here's where it fits in a typical IoT Edge architecture:


IoT Edge on Kubernetes architectureIoT Edge on Kubernetes architecture

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then perhaps a video is worth a thousand pictures? So here's a video that shows off this integration in action!


Demo video




Check out for all the details. We look forward to your feedback!


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