Announcing Public Preview of Service Fabric Backup Explorer

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Public Preview of Service Fabric Backup Explorer  

To ease management of Reliable Collections backup for Service Fabric Stateful applications, we are announcing public preview of Service Fabric Backup Explorer , a utility that enables users to,

  1. Audit and review the contents of the Reliable Collections
  2. Update current state to a consistent view.
  3. Create Backup of the current snapshot of the Reliable Collections
  4. Fix data corruption


Service Fabric Backup Explorer tool can be used to perform following tasks:

  • Querying of metadata for the collection.
  • Current state and its entries in the collection of the backup loaded.
  • Enlist the transactions performed (since the last checkpoint).
  • Update the collection by adding, updating or deleting the entries in the collection.
  • Take a fresh backup with the updated state.

How To Consume Service Fabric Backup Explorer

The Service Fabric Backup Explorer can be consumed in one of the following ways:

  1. Binary - Nuget package to view and alter the reliable collections.
  2. HTTP/Rest - HTTP based Rest hosting to view and alter the reliable collections.
  3. bkpctl - Service fabric backup controller CLI (command line interface) to view and alter the reliable collections.

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