Awareness of temporary adjustments in SharePoint Online

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On March 24th we shared in an announcement in the M365 message center (MC207439) details around temporary adjustments we are making to select capabilities in SharePoint Online and OneDrive.


During these unprecedented times, we are taking steps to ensure that SharePoint Online and OneDrive services remain available and reliable for your users who depend on the service more than ever in remote work scenarios. 


Note: These temporary feature adjustments may be in place during business hours in your tenant's region.  

Content migration, Data Loss Prevention (DLP), and backup solutions 

Many SharePoint Online and OneDrive customers run business-critical applications against the service that run in the background. These include content migration, Data Loss Prevention (DLP), and backup solutions.  In support of the objective to remain highly availablewe are moving some operations to regional evening and weekend hours.


Users may observe: 

  • Migration, DLP and backup solutions may achieve limited throughput during regional weekday daytime hours. During evening and weekend hours for the region, the service will be ready to process a significantly higher volume of requests from background apps. 

Please review the relevant best practice guidance, which describes how to get maximize throughput. 

File Management 

Various background processes to manage new media (images, videos) may now be processed during evening and weekend hours.  


Modified processes include: 

  • 360 file view 
    • If you upload a new file, the 360-file view will not be available until the process has run after hours. 
  • Automatic tagging of images and files with metadata (example: tagging an image of a tree with the word "tree") 
    • If you upload an image or file, the item will not be tagged with metadata until the process has run after hours.  
  • For recently edited Office documents users may notice additional loading time when viewing the document in Office Online.
  • Users may experience reduced video resolution for playback videos. 

Additional Information  

We will provide further updates to this post as the situation may change.

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