Sample forms to help organizations stay connected while working remote

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As organizations respond proactively against the spread of COVID-19, many are adopting remote work to protect public health. This can be a major and sudden change from the traditional way of communication and day-to-day life. From conducting meetings to keeping up team morale, there are unique challenges and qualities to virtual collaboration. We would like to provide some tips and examples of how organizations are using Microsoft Forms to help teams stay safe, productive, and engaged during this difficult time.


As an Office 365 subscriber, you have access to Microsoft Forms. Forms is a web-based app designed to help you easily create surveys, polls, and quizzes, and collect responses in real time. 


Customer Examples

Organizations may need to collect data from their teams to understand high-level employee status. An example used by some customers in high-risk areas is a travel and health declaration form, which can help identify groups within an organization that may be more at-risk.




If you are a multi-national company, you can easily create one form with multiple languages to meet the needs of your global teams.  Additionally, you can branch questions based on specified conditions such as, “have you traveled to high risk regions in the past 14 days?”


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For teams that must be on-site, it can also be a big challenge for companies to feed employees since large group gatherings, such as in a cafeteria, are not recommended. We've seen customers utilize a lunch order form to collect information on lunch orders and preferences needed to help facilitate meal preparation and distribution while avoiding usage of a shared cafeteria space.




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Beyond examples of how Forms has helped customers internally, it has also played a role in collecting data from external partners. If on-site visits are common to your business, you may now need to provide options for attendees to join online for meetings and events.


With Forms, you can quickly create an event preference survey to ask attendees whether they want to join your event online or in-person. You can also connect the Form with Power Automate to automatically trigger actions based on responses, such as automatically sending online meeting invitations to people who need to join remotely versus other details for those attending in-person. Learn more about how to leverage Flow to send automatic notifications.  




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As we all adjust to remote events, we've also seen more customers utilizing event/meeting feedback surveys to collect feedback from attendees. 




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You don’t need to be a designer to create a great looking form. Forms design intelligence will help with just a few clicks and Forms ideas can assist in analyzing response data.


If you’re an admin and your tenant is new to Forms, click here to learn more about admin capabilities. You can even track Forms usage in the Microsoft Admin Center.


We’re inspired by the agility and ingenuity that impacted organizations have shown throughout COVID-19, and we are committed to helping organizations everywhere stay connected and productive during this difficult time.


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