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HLS Show Me How.pngOver the last 3 weeks as COVID-19 has impacted numerous organizations the need to deliver large scale messaging to employees has become an increasingly requested topic for me as a Microsoft Technologist. I have been streaming using Microsoft tech since my days as a public-school teacher back in 1996 in Southern California using Microsoft Netshow so along the years I have picked up a “few” things including a lot of tips around different deliveries. Three questions seem to keep popping up during these recent meetings where folks are looking to implement executive webcasts to their employees working remote from home.

During the HLS Show Me How video I will address the top 3 questions I have been getting around Microsoft 365 Live Events during the present COVID-19 impact. The questions are:

  1. How do we scale beyond the 10,000 limit for an all hands Live Event?
  2. How can we easily enable a bridge dial in for users to just listen?
  3. Our home users are having a sub-par experience. What is causing it?

Watch the video for my commentary on how to enable/address these and then check out the resource link below.


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