Top Stories from the Microsoft DevOps Community – 2020.05.01

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Happy Friday and 1st of May! I live in southeastern Wisconsin and it's been raining a lot here, so I'm happy to have some new blog posts to read. This week we cover integration with how to ensure your spending on the right things, IBM environments, Azure Functions, working with the Power Platform, and I couldn't forget something about PowerShell. “Azure DevOps” Rhymes with “Arcad ‘n’ Drops” Scott introduces us to how Azure DevOps tools can compliment a development workflow for IBM environments. Push and Pull – Using VS Code with Azure Repos Starting from scratch, Nick walks us through building Azure Functions and starting to wire them up to the Deployment Center with Azure Repos and Pipelines. Identifying Cost-Saving Opportunities in Azure DevOps So many organizations are searching for savings at this point in time. Eric discusses some great ways to save money in Azure DevOps - or at least confirm you are spending your money on the right things! What Has Changed? A Continuous Delivery Approach for No-Code Solutions in Microsoft’s Power Platform I love this! Putting CI/CD in place to support no-code/low-code projects is a great way to add consistency. Check out how Sebastian demonstrates this step by step. Errors from PowerShell 7 in Azure Pipelines PowerShell 7 is a wonderful thing and introduced a nice, clean error message. However, as David relates, that can be be a problem. Check out how to solve it! If you’ve written an article about Azure DevOps or find some great content about DevOps on Azure, please share it with the #AzureDevOps hashtag on Twitter!

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