Are skills like deploying, designing, and maintaining servers on prem now redundant in the cloud?

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I started out in my IT career 14 years or more ago and my skill set was built up from designing, deploying and maintaining servers on-prem, and I loved it.   However, over the last two or three years, I've transferred over to using Cloud solutions, primarily Azure and I've found a lot of my skill set is still relevant. 


Between you and your Cloud provider, there is a shared responsibility model.  Things like securing your organization's data, is still your responsibility in the Cloud.  You still need to make sure that only authorized people or applications can read/write that data.   Account access is also still something you need to manage; you just do it now in a slightly unique way. 


So me I've found a ton of my old/current skill set is still very much relevant, I just need to pivot it slightly. 

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