Create a Microsoft Teams Virtual Facilities Tour with SharePoint Spaces – HLS Show Me How

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  “SharePoint spaces is a web-based, immersive platform, which lets you create and share, secure and extensible mixed reality experiences.” – SharePoint Spaces. SharePoint Spaces provides a rich, immersive, experience opportunity for users whether examining pharmaceutical molecules, medical 3D views, or even 360’ video and pictures. With SharePoint underlying every Microsoft Teams instance this means these same great capabilities are now also a potential part of a Microsoft Team. This type of innovative advancement is just another example of why the Microsoft 365 platform with Microsoft Teams offers the best platform for creating that single pane of glass to get work done.

In the “HLS Show Me How” I demonstrate how to enable the SharePoint Spaces in a SharePoint site, how to quickly build it out, and how to leverage it directly from within Microsoft Teams.


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