Microsoft Community Wiki Gurus Needed For May 2020! Apply Within! No One Turned Away!!!

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What is Microsoft Wiki Guru Competition?

Each month Microsoft Wiki council organizes a contest of the best articles posted that month. This is your chance to be announced as MICROSOFT TECHNOLOGY GURU OF THE MONTH!
One winner in each category will be selected each month for glory and adoration by the community Ninjas and community as a whole. Winners will be announced in dedicated blog post that will be published in Microsoft Wiki Ninjas blog, a tweet from Microsoft Wiki Ninjas Twitter account, links will be published at Microsoft TNWiki group on Facebook, and other acknowledgement from the community will follow.


Some of our biggest community voices and many MVPs have passed through these halls on their way to fame and fortune. 

If you have already made a contribution in the forums or gallery or you published a nice blog, then you can simply convert it into a shared wiki article, reference the original post, and register the article for the Microsoft Wiki Guru Competition. The articles must be written in May 2020  and must be in English. However, the original blog or forum content can be from before May 2020.


Come and see who is making waves in all your favorite technologies. Maybe it will be you! 

Who can join the Competition?

Anyone who has basic knowledge and the desire to share the knowledge is welcome. Articles can appeal to beginners or discuss advanced topics. All you have to do is to add your article to Wiki from your own specialty category.

How can you win?


  1. Please copy/Write over your Microsoft technical solutions and revelations to MicrosoftCommunityWiki.
  2. Add a link to your new article on THIS WIKI COMPETITION PAGE (so we know you've contributed)
  3. (Optional but recommended ) Add a link to your article at the Microsoft Wiki Group on Facebook to get feedback and tips from the council members and from the community. The group is very active and people love to help. You can even get direct improvements to your article before the contest starts.

Do you have any question or want more information?

Feel free to ask any questions below, or Join us at the official Microsoft Wiki Groups on Facebook. Read More about Wiki Guru Awards.


If you win, people will sing your praises online and your name will be raised as Guru of the Month. 

REMEMBER: these articles are REPUBLISHED. Your best bet to get a reply is to follow the link at the top of the post to the ORIGINAL post! BUT you're more than welcome to start discussions here:

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