Wednesday Wiki Life – “A journey of mine with the team Microsoft Wiki Ninja.”

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The above picture of mine depicts the joy I expressed with nature, which has no limits, and it's an actual output of happiness triggered for no reason. While authoring this blog, I feel the same!


There are no words to express my gratitude to the Microsoft Wiki Ninja team. Oh, Well! I am not exaggerating! It's a FACT. Due to unfortunate commitments and other responsibilities, I failed to contribute to MS Wiki. If I rewind a few years, I am nothing in the technical community without the wiki. On May 09, 2020, Ronen Ariely contacted me over FB messenger and asked to join a short call over skype. I know the reason for a call and waiting to hear it from Ronen! My expectation was he would be disappointed and inform me that I lost my blog rights! I convinced myself that I should start from the ground to earn the blogger's badge.

I connected with Ronen over skype, and the call made me upside down in a few minutes! The exact conversation we had is as follows.


I connected with Ronen over skype, and the call made me upside down in a few minutes! The exact conversation we had is as follows.


Ronen: "Hey, Chen! I hope you and your family are safe! COVID-19 is dangerous, and the impact is global. So, safety first."

Me: "Thanks, and I hope you are safe as well. All turns good sooner! Let's hope for the best."

Ronen: "We need you back and go sign up to blog and schedule your calendar."

Me: "I am so thankful to you and community members!"

Ronen: "it's good that you accepted! Let us catch up sometime later – Happy Weekend!"


I was mouth shut and signed up to write blogs on "Wednesday Wiki Life" category – Yes, going forward, you can see me contributing to our community. I must learn so much from you guys, and that includes how to be "So Kind!" with others. I am thankful to you all because it's not easy to get the opportunity to blog for our community, and I am overwhelmed to resume my blogger role because of the community members. Yes, without a doubt, one or many would have refilled my position and to result in no vacuum. However, adding me back in the same role in the community motivated me to contribute positively, share more articles, and allow others to grow.


While on skype call, I saw loads of personal notes from MS Wiki members asking me, "Why am I not sharing articles or blogs in our community?". Honestly, I don't have a direct answer, and I would say it's my additional responsibilities in my new role that kept me away from a few things! I extend my thanks to all council members who agreed to allow me for blogging.


In my next blog post (Scheduled on May 20, 2020), I promise to share about the significant role of MS wiki in my professional career. Until then, take care, stay at home and stay tuned with us! Feel free to follow us on Twitter and Facebook!


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