Get Ahead of Your Workload with Power Automate

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Maximize Virtual Workplace Productivity

Whether working from home, returning to the office, or logging in while on the road, the critical part of your office experience is your virtual workplace.


We are fortunate to have a problem we spent years trying to create – an excess of data and information. What is the point of these millions of files, resources, and collaboration pieces if we can’t use them effectively? 


Power Automate allows you to create low-code or no-code automated workflows between your favorite apps and services to synchronize files, get notifications, collect data, and more. By adding connectors between your favorite apps, you can automate and simplify those time-consuming tasks we'd all like to avoid. Find hundreds of pre-made templates in the Power Automate Portal, ready to implement into your workspace at the click of a button. Power Automate flows are easily editable to customize the action to fit your specific needs. 


Let’s dive into a couple ways you can use Power Automate to get ahead of your workload, increase your productivity, and make your digital workspace work for you. 


Make Your Email Work for You

Most of us feel attached to our email – we constantly filter, sort, search, and flag items in the hopes of never missing a file or task. Use pre-made Power Automate templates to organize your attachments, presentations, documents and images. The following hyperlinks can help you quickly maximize email productivity:

Some Power Automate Customization Ideas: save attachments from a specific contact to a specific folder, only get notifications for attachments saved from a specific contact, and customize application flow to suit your productivity needs

Customize your flow to suit your productivity needsCustomize your flow to suit your productivity needs



Optimize Your Schedule

Automatic Scheduling can help you organize your day while optimizing your productivity.

Automate Life - Stay Informed, but Save on Browsing Time


Keep in mind, with Power Automate, all linked flows can be easily edited and customized to fit your needs – with no code required. If you can think of an additional step to maximize your productivity, odds are you can easily build the action to create your best flows. With 300+ connectors available, you can extend your workspace beyond your traditional application. 


Visit the Power Automate Portal to easily search pre-made templates, services, and connectors. Find new flows, make edits to existing flows, and share your flows across collaborators! 

Visit the Power Automate Portal to explore more possibilitiesVisit the Power Automate Portal to explore more possibilities



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