Early technical preview of JDBC Driver 8.3.1 for SQL Server released

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We have released a new early technical preview of the JDBC Driver for SQL Server which contains numerous additions and changes.


Precompiled binaries are available on GitHub and also on Maven Central.

Below is a summary of the new additions, changes made, and issues fixed.


  • Added delayed durability option to SQLServerConnection.commit() #1310
  • Introduced SQLServerBulkCSVFileRecord.setEscapeColumnDelimitersCSV() to escape delimiters and double quotes when using bulk copy to load from CSV files #1312
  • Added certificate expiry validation when using Always Encrypted with secure enclaves feature #1321
  • Added SQL State to Exception when connection is closed #1326
  • Introduced extended bulk copy support against Azure Data Warehouse #1331
  • Introduced 'delayLoadingLobs' connection property to provide backward compatibility when streaming LOBs #1336

Fixed issues

  • Fixed an issue with MSI authentication failing due to expiry date format mismatch #1308
  • Fixed an issue with streams not getting closed when using Always Encrypted with secure enclaves feature #1315
  • Fixed an issue with retrieving SQL VARIANT as its underlying type #1320
  • Fixed issues with the driver not being JAVA 8 compliant #1328
  • Fixed an issue with PreparedStatement when inserting large spatial data types #1337


  • Updated driver and test dependencies #1294, #1313
  • Improved exception message when connecting to redirection-enabled Azure server #1311
  • Improved performance when parsing connection string #1317
  • Updated the driver to throw a warning when TLS version lower than 1.2 is negotiated #1322
  • Removed unused code #1330

Getting the latest release

The latest bits are available on our GitHub repository, and Maven Central.

Add the JDBC preview driver to your Maven project by adding the following code to your POM file to include it as a dependency in your project (choose .jre8, .jre11, or .jre14 for your required Java version).



<dependency> <groupId>com.microsoft.sqlserver</groupId> <artifactId>mssql-jdbc</artifactId> <version>8.3.1.jre11</version> </dependency>



Help us improve the JDBC Driver by taking our survey, filing issues on GitHub or contributing to the project.

Please also check out our tutorials to get started with developing apps in your programming language of choice and SQL Server.

David Engel

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