Lesson Learned #129:Using Data Source External from Azure SQL Database to Azure SQL Managed Instance

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Today, I worked on a service request that our customer asked about how to connect from Azure SQL Database to Azure SQL Managed Instance. 


Well, the first thing that I did is to enable the Public Endpoint of Azure SQL Managed Instance. After it, I followed up these steps:


  • Create a table in Azure SQL Managed Instance




create table Table1(id int) insert into Table1 (id) values(1))




  • Connect to Azure SQL Database I execute the following command to create the External Data Source to Azure SQL Managed Instance:




CREATE MASTER KEY ENCRYPTION BY PASSWORD='Password'; CREATE DATABASE SCOPED CREDENTIAL AppCredential WITH IDENTITY = 'username', SECRET = 'Password'; CREATE EXTERNAL DATA SOURCE RemoteReferenceData WITH ( TYPE=RDBMS, LOCATION='tcp:servername.public.virtualnetwork.database.windows.net,3342', DATABASE_NAME='DatabaseName', CREDENTIAL= AppCredential ); CREATE EXTERNAL TABLE Table1 (ID int ) WITH ( DATA_SOURCE = RemoteReferenceData );




  • Finally, running a SELECT * FROM Table1 I was able to obtain the information from Azure SQL Managed Instance. 


Also, during my test, I found the option to run DML command using sp_execute_remote, for example, 

EXEC sp_execute_remote N'RemoteReferenceData', N'INSERT INTO Table1 values(2)'



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