Why large organizations love Microsoft Managed Desktop

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Few tech leaders are as attuned to the IT challenges of the world’s largest and most successful organizations as Brad Anderson, Microsoft’s corporate vice president of the Commercial Management Experiences team. And arguably none are more dynamic on camera.


That’s why we asked Brad to carve out a few extra minutes of studio time to talk about the aspects of Microsoft Managed Desktop that best resonate with enterprise customers.


In record time, Brad gave us this series of short explainer videos. Ranging in length from 90 seconds to 2.5 minutes, these videos are the fastest way for busy executives to understand whether Microsoft Managed Desktop could be a fit for your organization.


  • Overview: What is Microsoft Managed Desktop? Brad provides a high-level overview of the Microsoft Managed Desktop service and how it delivers value to enterprise customers.
  • User experience: How does Microsoft Managed Desktop affect user experience? Brad discusses what kind of user experience benefits customers are seeing with Microsoft Managed Desktop – and the surprising impact on how employees feel about their jobs.
  • Modern management: How does Microsoft Managed Desktop modernize your desktop environment? Brad explains how Microsoft Managed Desktop keeps your environment up to date without all the productivity-draining tasks implementing updates.
  • Empowering IT: How does Microsoft Managed Desktop empower the IT organization? Brad shares how Microsoft Managed Desktop offloads the most time-consuming device management tasks and lets IT pros reclaim 55% of their time to focus on your backlog of tech initiatives that could fuel your growth.
  • Enterprise benefits: Why should enterprise customers consider Microsoft Managed Desktop? Brad highlights the benefits of accelerating modernization with Microsoft Managed Desktop.


If you enjoy these videos, you should definitely check out Brad’s recent Shiproom episode with Simon Bullers of Lloyd’s Banking Group discussing the financial services titan’s digital transformation journey with Microsoft Managed Desktop.


You can learn more about Microsoft Managed Desktop by skimming our blog or requesting more information.


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