Released: SQL Server Assessment Extension for Azure Data Studio (Public Preview)

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SQL Server Assessment Extension for Azure Data Studio provides a user interface for evaluating your SQL Server instances and databases for best practices. It uses SQL Assessment API to achieve this. In this preview version, you can:

- Assess a SQL Server or Azure SQL Managed Instance and its databases with built-in rules (Invoke Assessment)

- Get a list of all built-in rules applicable to an instance and its databases (View applicable rules)

- Export assessment results and list of applicable rules as script to further store it in a SQL table



We plan to introduce other highly requested features such as reporting and rule customization in later releases.

How to Install

First, you need to install Azure Data Studio version 1.19.0 or later. To acquire SQL Server Assessment extension, search for ‘sql server assessment’ in Azure Data Studio Marketplace and install it. After installation, the extension will add a new tab to the server dashboard.

Make sure you have ‘Enable Preview Features’ checked in the ADS settings, otherwise you won’t see the SQL Assessment tab as the extension is in preview.

Currently SQL Assessment can evaluate SQL Servers and Azure SQL Managed Instances. We continue to improve our ruleset and plan to widen the product set it covers.


We would love to hear your feedback about the extension and the api. Please leave a comment here.

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