Workplace Analytics August 2020 feature update

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The Workplace Analytics team is excited to announce our feature update for August 2020. (You can see past blog articles here). This month’s update gives you a preview of something to come!


Coming soon

  • Workweek Span and Person and Person-to-Group Network Metrics will now include Teams chat and data

Coming soon: Teams metrics

With the recent shift to remote work, large numbers of users are relying on Teams for much of their remote collaboration. In other words, communication over Teams is at an all-time high. To improve the accuracy of metrics within Workplace Analytics, we are soon adding Teams chat and call data to Workplace Analytics metrics.


Data about calls and chats will now be reflected in several metrics, including Workweek Span. This will improve the quality of data that’s available to analysts by more truthfully delineating the actual workweek span of users. Here is the complete list of metrics that are being updated:



Brief description

Internal network size 

The number of people within the company with whom the person had at least two meaningful interactions in the last four weeks.

Networking outside organization 

The number of distinct organizations within the company that the person had at least two meaningful interactions with in the last four weeks.

Networking outside company  

The number of distinct external domains outside the company a person has had at least two meaningful interactions in the last four weeks.

Workweek span 

The time between the person's first and last sent email, IM, Teams call, or meeting attended for each day of the workweek.  

Network size 

The number of people in the collaborator group who had at least two meaningful interactions in the last four weeks with the time investor.


Note: For complete definitions of these metrics, see Metric descriptions for Workplace Analytics.


By using these new metric values, you’ll be able to more accurately analyze connectedness across the company, analyze changes in the workweek span, gauge the effect of Teams in improving organizational connectivity, and support Business Continuity scenarios.


To request early access

We are planning to release this change on August 20, 2020. If you want early access to the updated metric values complete the Teams metric changes preview form and we’ll activate the new metric values for your organization. It might take up to four business days to activate the new metric values and we will send you a confirmation email after they've been activated.


Note that these new metrics will not affect any of the results of your previously saved queries. But they will go into effect for all new queries (including any queries that auto-refresh) retroactively.







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