Announcing a new Azure Sentinel GitHub Leaderboard!

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Authored by Grace Hsu


Calling all security enthusiasts! As threats evolve rapidly, the only way to stay ahead of adversaries is to join forces. Working together is critical to solve the common challenges we face. The Azure Sentinel Threat Hunters community provides opportunities for you to collaborate with other security experts, troubleshoot problems, share analytics and code, and continuously learn more about new innovations in the security space. To recognize the growing list of amazing contributors to our threat hunters community, we are excited to announce a new Azure Sentinel Github Leaderboard Program!


The Azure Sentinel Github repo is a one-stop shop for you to find, use and contribute to Azure Sentinel, including analytics rules and detections, exploration queries, workbooks, playbooks, and much more. The new leaderboard program enables us to showcase the Top 20 Threat Hunters, based on their previous GitHub contributions as well as the new value they add to Azure Sentinel!





Making any contribution in the categories listed on the Github wiki and submitting Github Issues will count towards the leaderboard. In addition to earning points to level up on the leaderboard, Threat Hunters will have the opportunity to redeem exclusive badges.


As you earn points and badges, you will unlock new Threat Hunter capabilities! Stay tuned for opportunities to learn and grow. To explore existing resources, check out the Tech Community Webinars and Security Ninja Trainings!


Learn more about the Azure Sentinel Leaderboard Program, view top contributors, and start making your way up the leaderboard by contributing to the GitHub repo!

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