What expert security monitoring looks like

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As a Microsoft Managed Desktop sales specialist, I regularly meet with 5,000-seat organizations that invest heavily in security expertise, training, tools, and services to keep their endpoints secure and up-to-date. I also talk with 20,000-seat organizations that invest precious IT resources elsewhere, as they perceive a low risk of attracting the notice of hackers.


Wherever a given organization falls on this spectrum, there’s usually a moment when the discussion turns to security monitoring – a “magic” moment when executives and IT pros alike truly begin to realize the scale of the security expertise and infrastructure protecting Microsoft Managed Desktop customers.


I’m excited to share this engaging 4-minute video about Microsoft Managed Desktop security operations because it makes that magic moment accessible to organizations beyond our individual customer conversations.


The video does a great job of explaining how Microsoft Managed Desktop:

  • extends Microsoft’s own protections to improve the security of user devices
  • reads billions of signals from across Microsoft cloud services to identify threats
  • supports customers in protecting the rest of their IT environment, and
  • helps customers improve their protection against security risks over time.


I think you’ll enjoy this animated video. I’m especially interested to hear if you reach the same magic moment my customers experience in our live conversations. If so, I hope you’ll connect with your Microsoft account team to find out whether Microsoft Managed Desktop could be a fit for your organization.


If you’re interested in Microsoft Managed Desktop, be sure to share the video with your colleagues, subscribe to our blog, and contact us to learn more. What do you think about Microsoft Managed Desktop’s sophisticated security? Please leave a comment and join the discussion!

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