Top Stories from the Microsoft DevOps Community – 2020.08.21

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Happy Friday! This week, thanks to our great community content, you can improve your productivity with YAML pipelines while working in VS Code and explore several different uses of Azure Pipelines!

Azure DevOps Snippets
Damien shares a new VSCode extension that can help with creating and maintaining our Azure Pipelines YAML files.

Automated Azure DevOps RBAC Assignments
Craig uses Azure Pipelines to help manage the Role-Based Access Control for his Azure subscriptions.

Continuous deployment to Kubernetes in Azure DevOps with multi-stage pipelines
Need to deploy to Kubernetes? Hallgeir walks through how he deploys to Kubernetes from Azure Pipelines.

MLOps: a tale of two Azure pipelines
Luuk and Rik explain their approach to integrating machine learning pipelines into their DevOps process with Azure Pipelines.

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