Known Issue: Group Policy Objects from past releases of Group Policy Analytics are excluded

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Group Policy Analytics has gone into public preview with the 2009 release, you can learn more here. There is a known issue with the new Migration readiness report where Group Policy Objects (GPOs) that you have uploaded in past releases of Group Policy analytics will be excluded in calculations done in the graphic at the top of the workload, Summary blade and Migration Readiness report.


Below are three workarounds for this issue:

  1. Force a re-compute of calculations by manually taking GPOs through the “Import” workflow again.
  2. Use the PowerShell script that was provided to help automatically re-compute the calculations. Follow the instructions hosted on our GitHub repository.
  3. Wait until a future release of Group Policy analytics in Q4 of this calendar year where we will be doing an automatic re-compute for all GPOs across all tenants.


Upcoming feature improvements

We are working on an experience that lets you easily migrate your Group Policy settings into MDM. Tenants who were in private preview will see a “Migrate” button before anyone else. Today, the “Migrate” workflow supports creation into Administrative Template profiles via the profile creation workflow only.


In future releases, support will be added to migrate to other Device Configuration profiles in addition to Administrative Templates, alongside other user experience improvements to help you on your journey to cloud-based policy management. For tenants not who were not in our preview and want to see the “Migrate” workflow, please reach out to with your tenant ID.


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