New MSIX pre-recorded sessions – September 2020

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Last week was the Microsoft Ignite 2020 digital event.  Along with the event we have a lot of new content on MSIX for IT Pros and developers.  Check out the new sessions below:


MSIX in the Enterprise - A state of the union for MSIX.  The MSIX platform is continuing to grow and adapting to customer needs. Let's walk through what's new in the past year for the MSIX platform and what it means for your enterprise.  We will also cover the plans upcoming for the MSIX platform.


Reduce developer friction with Azure Code Signing - Azure Code Signing is a service from Microsoft to enable developers and IT Pros to minimize the friction in code signing. The session will walk through the basics and importance of code signing and how Azure Code Signing will help reduce the challenges involved in signing your apps and code.


Using MSIX with CI/CD Pipelines for Code Changes - With MSIX and Azure DevOps you can go from making a code change in your repo to getting the updated release of your application on users’ machines in a matter of minutes. Join us for this demo-driven session as we demonstrate how to use MSIX CI/CD Pipelines to automate building, packaging, and deploying your desktop applications.


John Vintzel @jvintzel

Program Manager Lead, MSIX


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