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Did you know that more than one-third of admins that use the Microsoft 365 admin center manage multiple tenants. This applies to two-thirds of enterprise customers and the majority of partners that manage Microsoft 365 tenants for their customers. Historically, the Microsoft 365 admin center was built for single-tenant admins, but recently we began creating experiences for admins who manage multiple tenants.


We’re thrilled to announce that a new multi-tenant management experience called All tenants is now rolling out to Microsoft 365 customers. The All tenants list is specifically for admins that manage two or more Microsoft 365 tenants, including:


  • Partners who manage on behalf of
  • Merger and acquisition scenarios
  • Separate test and production environments
  • Regulatory requirements for multiple tenants


We have created a unified form of management that allows admins the ability to manage multiple tenants from a single pane of glass, helping them to save time every single day; in fact, the more tenants they manage, the more time they’ll save. We’re also extending support of our multi-tenant management features to include Azure Active Directory B2B In the coming months. Our goal is to help admins and partners with multiple tenants spend less time juggling, and more time doing.


The experiences we have built enable admins with multiple tenants to:


  • move quickly between tenants using the Organization Switcher (also called the Tenant Switcher);
  • assess service health, service requests, products, and billing across multiple tenants; and
  • understand admin setup task activity across multiple tenants.

All tenants provides insights about tenants which need your attention:


 Along with the tenant switcher, the multi-tenant management experience adds the ability to switch between tenants efficiently.



The All tenants list is rolling out now, and once available, you will need to log in with a partner admin account and soon will include admin accounts that have been invited to manage multiple tenants through Azure B2B.


We will continue to work on scenarios and experiences specifically for admins that manage multiple tenants. You can learn more about why we’re investing in these experiences in our recent video, Multi-tenant management in the Microsoft 365 admin center​.


Let us know what you think of the new experience using the feedback button in the Microsoft 365 admin center, and let us know what else we can do for you.

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