Sysmon v12.01, VMMap 3.30, RAMMap v1.60, AccessChk v6.13 and DiskView v2.41

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VMMap v3.30

This update to VMMap, a utility that reports the virtual memory layout of a process, identifies .NET Core 3.0 managed heaps.


This release to RAMMap, a utility that analyzes and displays physical memory usage, adds customizable map colors and a new command line option, -e, to empty the different types of system working sets.

Sysmon v12.01

Security and bug fix release, resolves a PipeEvent processing issue and adds extra checks to kernel writes.

ARM64 ports

New ARM64 releases for AccessChk v6.13, DiskView v2.41 and VMMap v3.30. Download all ARM64 tools in a single download with the Sysinternals Suite for ARM64.

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