Windows 10 Feature Update Downloaded status reverted to No

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You may have noticed that after synchronizing updates released on patch Tuesday (October 13, 2020), Windows 10 Feature Updates for versions 1903 and 2004 that were previously downloaded, now show a status of Downloaded = No under the All Windows 10 Updates node. The content for these Windows 10 Feature Updates were revised to address this security issue. As a result of this content revision, any previously downloaded feature updates will need to be downloaded again.

NOTE: The existing feature updates for Windows 10, versions 1809 and 1909 were not revised. New feature updates for these versions that supersede the previous versions were published that contain the security fix. Because the creation/release date for these new feature updates uses the same date/time as the previous versions, in some environments the superseded feature updates are expired immediately. 

If you used an automatic deployment rule or servicing plan to previously deploy the feature update, it will be downloaded again at the next scheduled evaluation. If you manually deployed the feature update, you will need to manually download it again.


If devices have previously downloaded the feature update content to their local cache but haven’t installed the feature update, the feature update content will be downloaded again to the local cache once the distribution points are updated.

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