What’s new – Announcing new Azure Sentinel data residency locations: Japan, UK and Canada

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As you probably know, Azure Sentinel can be installed on workspaces located in any GA region where Log Analytics is available except China and Germany sovereign regions.


However, Azure Sentinel generates some additional data like Alert information, Incident details, Bookmarks, etc. that in some cases may be stored in a different region to where the workspace is located.


Today we are announcing the expansion of Azure Sentinel data residency to three additional geographies: Japan, United Kingdom and Canada. With these additions, the geographies where the Azure Sentinel data at rest is stored is summarized in the following table:


Workspace geography Azure Sentinel-generated data geography

United States




United States
Australia Australia
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Canada Canada
Japan Japan


So, for example, any new or existing Sentinel workspaces created in Japan, will have all its Azure Sentinel data at rest stored within Japan. Similarly, workspaces located within Brazil, will have their Sentinel data at rest stored in the United States.


This is a very important achievement as we strive to provide customers and partners with the tools to comply with the different regulations applicable to each geography.


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