Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador voices: Finding and building a passionate tech community

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Students join the Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador program for all kinds of reasons, and when they get here, they have big plans.


We wanted to share insights from our Student Ambassador community about how and why they joined, what technologies they’re curious about, and how they’re working to build and contribute to the tech community. We asked, and Student Ambassadors from around the world answered.


“So, what brings you here?”


Students learn about the Student Ambassador program through tech events, school faculty, LinkedIn, and, of course, fellow students who are already in the program. But why do they decide to apply?


Most of the Student Ambassadors we heard from were drawn to the program because they’re passionate about technology, which wasn’t a huge surprise. Beyond that, though, each of them also has their own unique reasons for joining. Here’s why some students apply to become Student Ambassadors:


They want to learn something new and develop their skills.


“I felt very inspired by a senior from my university who was already a Microsoft Student Ambassador. She told me all about its perks and the ample amount of experience and knowledge we get to learn, which led me to apply for this program.”

Eva Thakran, fourth-year student at the Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies


They’re excited to collaborate with other passionate students and build a global network.


“I love to learn about cultures of different countries and regions, so what is better than a global community of students?”

Shashank Kanojiya, second-year student at the Indian Institute of Information Technology


They see the value in sharing their knowledge and evangelizing technology.


“I wanted to become a better version of myself by helping others to learn new technologies.”

Christina Pardali, fifth-year student at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki


They aim to create meaningful impact and solve global problems.


“I found the Student Ambassador program to be full of like-minded individuals who share an equal passion for a better world with the help of technology.”

Basu Singh, first-year student at ITI Institute


They want to connect with experts at a well-known company.


“I realized that if I wanted to learn from professionals, I should hitch my wagon to Microsoft.”

Joaquín García Benítez, first-year master’s student at KTH Royal Institute of Technology


“What technologies are you and your community curious about?”


Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors are deeply invested in learning as much as they can about the technology that catches their interest. They’re naturally curious, and they love diving into emerging topics and tools. (Maybe you can relate? ;))


Here’s what they’re currently exploring:


  • Cloud computing (including Azure)
  • The Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Autonomous systems
  • AI
  • Machine learning
  • Deep learning
  • Automation (including Power Apps and Microsoft Power Platform)
  • Low-code development
  • Databases
  • Data science and big-data analytics
  • Image processing
  • Python
  • User experience and UI design
  • Cybersecurity
  • Web development
  • Mobile app development
  • Microsoft 365


“At this moment, I am curious about web development, mobile applications development, autonomous systems, and cloud platforms.”

Joaquín García Benítez, first-year master’s student at KTH Royal Institute of Technology


“My tech community nowadays is more focused towards cybersecurity and big data—how to handle and store big data. I am curious about AI and cybersecurity techniques.”

Eva Thakran, fourth-year student at the Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies


“I am interested mostly in all Microsoft new technologies, such as core programming, AI, IoT, Microsoft Power Platform, Dynamics 365, machine learning, and data science. All those technologies are empowering and have something in store for the future.”

Lablonde Juliette Kalalizi, third-year student at the Durban University of Technology


“How do you hope to expand your knowledge or your community through the Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador program?”


The current Student Ambassador cohort is navigating a global reality that makes in-person events and conversations difficult, if not impossible. But that isn’t stopping them from serving their communities.


Whether they’re just getting started or they’ve been in the program for a while, these Student Ambassadors are working hard to connect and inspire their colleagues:


“I will conduct workshops and events, help my fellow students explore the field of technology, and inspire them to find possible solutions to humanitarian issues through technology.”

Foteini Savvidou, third-year student at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki


“I have two technical communities at my college, and I am General Secretary of one of them, proudly leading a group of 60 students. We are a very diverse community.”

Nandita Gaur, final-year student at ABES Engineering College


“My community has grown fast. In my community, there are not only computer scientists—we also have accounting, law, and administration students. I also created a community with teachers from my country (Peru) for Microsoft 365 topics, to learn with Microsoft Educator Center, and I see several improvements so far.”

Eduardo Salazar, final-year student at the Instituto ISAM


“First, I start by recommending my community to complete the courses that are available in Microsoft Learn to have a fundamental basis about the technology that interests them and then be able to advance. They are all very committed to seeing in themselves the progress they are making and, above all, learning new things.”

Leydi Rosmery Aylas Curi, final-year student at the Peruvian University of the Americas


What’s a fun fact about yourself that you want to share with others?


“I love making paintings and baking various kinds of cakes. I am pretty good at mehendi design, an Indian style of tattoo art.”

Nandita Gaur, final-year student at ABES Engineering College


“When I was a child, I wanted to be a teacher or an actress. Maybe this is the reason that I became a Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador, so I can have the chance to help my fellow students and present on the stage about technology.”

Maria-Anastasia Moustaka, fifth-year student at University of Patras (Greece)


“When I applied at university, I wanted to become a civil engineer. I am grateful that I decided to study ICT programming because it’s helped me find my passion in technology and leadership—and becoming a Microsoft Student Ambassador has helped be become a better version of myself.
Lablonde Juliette Kalalizi, third-year student at the Durban University of Technology


Your turn! How would you build community as a Student Ambassador?


Becoming a Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador opens doors near and far. If you were connected to a group of people who were just as passionate as you are about learning, growing, and using technology for good, where would you start?

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