[Announcement] Community Mentors App Update: Desktop Version Available Now!

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Have you been looking for an easier way to mentor any time and any place across your devices? Well, good news! We've just launched the Desktop version of the Community Mentors App. 


What is the Humans of IT Community Mentors App?

The Microsoft Humans of IT Community Mentorship App is a modern mentorship app that fosters continuous learning, authentic connection, and any-time (anywhere) access. 


CMP mobile.png


Introducing More Ways to Connect! 

The Community Mentors App has added several new features helping to meet employees where they are, offering both desktop and mobile options. This month we released the highly anticipated Community Mentors App for desktop, giving mentors and mentees access to platform via web browser. The availability of both options enables everyone to engage in the most effective way.


CMP desktop.png


Here are some other new features you should definitely check out! 

  • Search Functionality: You are now able to search by name in the Discovery Section on Desktop 
  • My Learning: Explore contact aimed at teaching us all how to have effective mentorships. 
  • Reflections: Share your knowledge with the community by posting a quick reflection.

If you are on the mobile version, be sure to update to our latest version to have access to all of our new features. 


Just getting started on the app? Watch our  walkthrough demo to learn how to navigate the Community Mentors mobile app where we empower Humans of IT like you to get mentored and be mentored by other tech professionals around the world! In this video, we will walk you through how the app works, and ways you can get all set up so you can dive into the world of mentoring! 


Have ideas on new features you’d like to see, or experiences to add? Submit your ideas here, or feel free to drop us a note at msftcmp@microsoft.com.


Become a mentor/mentee on our Community Mentors app today!

  1. Go to https://aka.ms/communitymentors and download our mentorship app
  2. Watch our newly released Community Mentors App: Walkthrough Demo  
  3. Once you’re in the app, explore new featured stories, mentorship enhancements, reactions, and notifications.
  4. Check out the new desktop version at: https://aka.ms/CMPDesktop


Happy Mentoring! 





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