OPS111: Learn the 5 key areas to consider for your hybrid workloads

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In this whiteboard session (after a few slides for context), Dave Kurth and Thomas Maurer will discuss the 5 key areas of any hybrid cloud workload, connectivity, application, data, identity, security & management.



David Kurth, Sr. Azure PMM 


What is a hybrid cloud?

A hybrid cloud—sometimes called a cloud hybrid—is a computing environment that combines an on-premises datacenter (also called a private cloud) with a public cloud, allowing data and applications to be shared between them. Some people define hybrid cloud to include “multicloud” configurations where an organization uses more than one public cloud in addition to their on-premises datacenter.


What are the benefits of hybrid cloud?

No matter which definition of hybrid cloud you use, the benefits are the same: When computing and processing demand increases beyond an on-premises datacenter’s capabilities, businesses can use the cloud to instantly scale capacity up or down to handle excess capacity. It also allows them to avoid the time and cost of purchasing, installing, and maintaining new servers that they may not always need.


This session includes:

0:00 Introduction
0:55 About Dave
3:56 Why Hybrid
11:38 Azure Hybrid Overview
19:08 White board Session Hybrid areas
30:15 Wrap up

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