OPS116: Monitoring and Responding to alerts in hybrid environments using Azure Monitor

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A deep dive on how Microsoft Retail has leveraged Azure Monitor, Log Analytics, Azure Automation, PowerShell and other readily available products to monitor all their on-prem system, including in-store Video walls.

In this session we will discuss how you can respond to an alert. When an alert (either from Log Analytics via App Insights, OMS, SCOM, external data) is triggered, it initiates an action (defined by the action group) that calls the entry-point (basically a webhook or normal url), a PowerShell framework looks up metadata for the component that triggered the alert, and calls the user-defined self-healing PowerShell script.


If the self-healing script fails, or doesn’t exist, a support ticket (using your own ticketing system) is created for the owner of the component, and any/all details of the alert and subsequent root cause data gathered by self-healing script are added to the ticket.



Erik Namtvedt - Senior service engineer


This session includes:

0:00 Introduction
1:33 Agenda
2:00 History
5:15 Design
6:55 Overview of the response framework
10:45 Implementation
14:40 Step through Explanation
30:59 Real World Example
49:00 Additional uses/POCs
58:30 Wrap Up


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