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HDInsight Compliance | Data Exposed

This post has been republished via RSS; it originally appeared at: Channel 9.

Today's Data Exposed show welcomes Alice Kupcik, a Senior PM in the Big Data team, to talk about compliance in Azure HDInsight.

Building on the HDInsight security show published recently with Saurin Shah, Alice begins by helping us distinguish the difference between security and compliance to provide the foundation for the rest of the show.

At the [02:00] mark Alice helps us understand how we move from Security to Compliance by building on the differences and discussing how compliance shows that we can demonstrate that it is secure.

At the [04:10] mark Alice provides some examples of how Microsoft looks at compliance via operational security, including access control and physical security.

At the [06:40] mark Alice walks us through the difference sources for the compliance concerns, and then at the [07:45] mark Alice shows us the 3 big certifications that HDInsight has achieved and what that means for HDInsight. However, at the [12:50] mark Alice provides the complete list of HDInsight certifications and their current status. The list is quite significant and shows the level of effort the big data team is putting in to making sure your data is secure in the cloud.

A great show to help us understand first of all the difference between security and certification and then how Microsoft and the big data team looks at certification.

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