Ready to migrate MySQL workload to Azure Database for MySQL?

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First published on MSDN on Apr 03, 2018

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The Azure Database Migration Service (DMS) is a robust and rich migration orchestration engine that you can use to move your on-premises databases to Azure. With the recently announced General Availability (GA) of Azure Database for MySQL , DMS also released the capability of migrating on-prem MySQL to Azure Database for MySQL for those customers who are ready to migrate.

There are several key advantages to migrating your MySQL workload to Azure by using DMS:


1. Near zero downtime . Customers do not need to put MySQL databases in read-only mode and incur prolonged downtime during the migration process. DMS will migrate the full load of the database from the source server (for example MySQL on-prem) to the target database (Azure Database for MySQL) and subsequently sync the changes to the target. This is especially useful for customers who are running mission critical workloads that would find it difficult to incur downtime with the application.


2. Migration at scale . Customers can use DMS to group multiple databases based on their preference and then move the databases together. This provides a huge time savings over the conventional migration method of moving one database at a time.


3. Optimized IT infrastructure . With the built-in resiliency in data migration provided by DMS, customers can save time and avoid having to monitor the migration and retry if migration fails.

If you are ready to migrate your MySQL workload to Azure Database for MySQL, please submit a nomination for your workload here at DMS preview page -

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