Windows Server, version 1903 Now Available, Windows Server Containers in AKS in Preview

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Windows Server, version 1903 is Generally Available

We are excited to announce that Windows Server, version 1903 is now generally available. Container-related enhancements include GPU acceleration in Windows containers, and scalability improvements in the latest release of Flannel and Kubernetes v1.14. You can pull the new Windows Server, version 1903 container images via:


docker pull 
docker pull 
docker pull 


Windows Server Containers Support in Azure Kubernetes Service

Following the release of production-level support for Windows Server containers in Kubernetes comes our announcement that Windows Server containers support in Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) is now in public preview! Check out preview details in our announcement.


To better support AKS, Azure Monitoring has also announced several new container insight features. Details can be found in our documentation. Azure Monitoring is one example of our efforts to provide the best experience for our container customers. Read more about these efforts in our container tooling blog post, and fill out this survey to help us continue to improve our tooling offerings.



Q: I am seeing “Error response from daemon: manifest not found”

A: You will see this error if you try to pull an image using :latest or without specifying a tag as we have deprecated and removed the ‘latest’ tag on Windows base images to support improved container practices. Instead, declare a specific tag like :1903. More information on tags in this blog post.


Q: Where can I find Windows Server container images?

A: Start with the Windows base image product family repo on Docker Hub.


For more information, please visit our Windows Server container documentation at


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